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We are a group of local organisations and residents who want to celebrate the wonderful world of camouflage and the role Leamington played during the Second World War.

We are fascinated particularly by the way camouflage brought people together from the worlds of art, design, science, and industry. Much like this project has!

We are pleased to be working with the Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum who are holding an exhibition called The Art of Deception from July until October 2016.

Leamington Lamp are organising educational and music events; the Leamington History Group are hosting walks; Art in the Park are planning a camouflage themed artwork; and we are working with the business groups of Leamington to create a British Restaurant networking hub!

Want to get involved? Please contact Pip on info@leamington-camo.co.uk

One thought on “Get Involved!”

  1. Hello, I tried to send this email to info@leamington-camo.co.uk but it bounced back. (?)

    so here it is again!…


    I’ve just read about the Camo festival and wondered if a one off conceptual product I built back in 2001 is of any interest(?)

    Image on my website – http://graham-powell.com/design/conceptual-products/urban-buggy-2001

    Description: Urban Buggy ( conceptual product – 2001 )- Custom camouflage pushchair with on-board sound system – to soothe either parent or child. : Steel, Stainless steel, aluminium, cotton, polyester, nylon, ABS, PVC, Audio electronics.

    Meant as a fashion item, rather than a war situation, it featured in a London exhibition and even got coverage in the Independent newspaper at the time.

    It was my one off version of an innovative pushchair designed and manufactured in Leamington Spa back in 1998-99

    I still have it, (never been used and in excellent condition), along with a 4m x 4m army camo net, so it could form an installation(?)

    best regards


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