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“Hidden” at Art in the Park

‘Hidden’ Camouflage Event at Art in the Park, August 6th & 7th 2016

‘Hidden’ is a creative and ambitious community event to commemorate two important pieces of Leamington WW11 history.

Art in the Park will be creating a unique community camouflage project over the weekend. A series of camouflage tree panels will be made by visitors and the local community to represent the lives of the 7 brave Czech soldiers who were based in Leamington and died in WWII having successfully assassinated Heydrich World War Two

The camouflage panels will be created by visitors to the two day Art in the Park Festival. You can take part in creating the panel by visiting the Camo Quarter at Art in the Park. More details on the events page…

memorial fountain (2)

The fountain is of great importance as it a tribute to the actions of seven very brave men who died after taking part in a daring and successful operation to assassinate the Nazi tyrant Reinhard Heydrick in 1942. The men were part of the 4,000-strong Czechoslovak forces in Leamington and district. The parachute inspired fountain was installed in 1968 and bears the names of the seven soldiers. It is now in need of urgent structural repairs and the Czechoslovak symbol with the lion is also showing signs of wear.

The ‘Hidden’ netting will draw attention to Leamington’s artist led Camouflage history and the current appeal to restore the WW11 Memorial Fountain.
Michael Kalas, Chair of the ‘Friends of the Czech Fountain’ which includes many relatives of the 4,000 soldiers billeted here supports the project saying “We are keen to engage the public in the history of the Fountain and generate funding for its restoration, this project will assist us in our heritage campaign”.

Archie Pitts, ex-Chairman of the Leamington Society is very supportive of this art project and feels “It will put a spotlight on a hidden and important piece of Leamington history in an artistic manner”.

All are invited to take part in this Art in the Park Camo event which is part of the wider tributes to this rich part of Leamington Art led WW11 history. For more information see or email

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